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Clean and Organize the Garage

Original Article “As much as homeowners value space, garages often end up being dumping grounds for both useful items and junk. Any storage area or less often used room runs the risk of becoming littered with items that could be of potential use, memorabilia with no defined storage or archival plan, and even new items […]

Dumpster Bins for Business

Save disposal costs and management by letting Bins by Rafat handle all the waste removal tasks and logistics so you can focus on your business. At $89 per ton for mixed waste, Bins by Rafat has the most competitive price in the GTA that also comes with amazing customer service. Call or order today to […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Hoarders!

Original Article “A clean home is often a happy and healthy home, too. Getting rid of clutter and nagging cleaning tasks helps you feel free and relaxed in your home.” 1.Set some goals 2. Purge and declutter 3. Tidy Closets 4. Get the right supplies 5. Have a checklist 6. Reward yourself 7. Final walkthrough […]

Choosing the right bin

There are many types of bin sizes and types, and Bins by Rafat will always cater to your exact needs and give you the best fit. All bins are charged by the ton, so you just need to choose the bin size for your application; a shallow 14yd bin or a taller 40yd bin (or […]

What goes where? Electronic Waste

Not all types of waste is appropriate for the dump. Organics can be composted, and common plastics and paper products ave their place in recycling, but what about electronic waste? We don’t always think about recycling when dealing with old computers and TVs, but they have many harmful substances that shouldn’t be thrown away but […]

Exterior Spring Cleaning

Original Article As spring finally arrives, it’s time for spring cleaning. There are many things to check after a long and hard winter, including the garden, lawn, deck, exterior of the house, and interior. Many folks take this time to renovate and refresh parts of their property as well. For convenience and cleanup, a dumpster […]

Sustainable Waste Management

Original Article It is important to minimize waste and dispose of garbage responsibly, but when it is unavoidable a dumpster bin is the convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste materials.

Ontario green home renovation program to offer thousands in rebates

Original Article “Homeowners who complete energy-efficient renovations will be eligible for thousands of dollars in rebates under a new program announced by Ontario’s environment minister Wednesday.” As more and more people look to make their homes more energy efficient, rebates from the Ontario government will be a welcome boost to renovation efforts. A dumpster bin […]